Middle Eastern Actors' Struggle And Growth

Middle Eastern Actors Coming from the Middle East, things will be tough for people, especially when acting in films. Be it the man or woman, there are specific rules and guidelines that have to be followed in the industry, which can be quite troubling. After all, they have to face a lot of struggles to get to the position where they want to be. The Middle Eastern actors in Dubai have worked hard for years to make a good position in the industry.

The actors are aware of the things that can be done to complete the project and bring out the best thing on the screen. But they face a lot of struggles. They do it all to prove themselves. They need to have experience in multiple job profiles. For instance, it will be helpful if you know how to perform stunt scenes, filmmaking, and other things to guarantee that the final output will be satisfactory. As you will know about multiple aspects of the film, understanding the key role will be helpful.

This is not always possible as generally, one can master one skill at once, but being a Middle Eastern actor, it is important to take care of multiple aspects. Growth in an actor is only seen when they work hard to boost their skills. They must be open to positive criticism and work towards the betterment of their own skill. It is important to be a successful actor. After all, everyone wishes to widen their reach and work at the Hollywood level. They aim for Hollywood because of the benefits they will get over there. This is why being talented in multiple aspects of filmmaking will be beneficial.

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Sam Akel

I am Sam Akel. A successful filmmaker, stuntman and award-winning actor. I have received great recognition in Dubai. Over the years, I have worked hard to make a good name in the industry. In the year 2020, I received three Film Festival Awards which added to my list of successes. I have been working with brands my entire life, but it was in the year 2016 that I changed my passion and pursued film and acting, fitness and content creation. Sam Akel bio is full of creativity, hardship, dedication and awards, which helped me get to the place where I am today. I have completed a lot of training and prepared myself to handle all of the scenes and jobs. It has been great working in the industry and staying connected with the people. I would love to broaden my reach and make more beautiful and inspirational films that can connect with the audience. If you want to get better insight about my work, passion and life, then you can check the details to get the essential information.
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Professional life

I started my professional journey as a stuntman and actor with a dream of creating a change in the industry with my work. I have been gaining success through the films I directed. I have kept myself involved in podcasts that are available on YouTube and Spotify. Through the episodes, I aim to offer inspirational speeches to the audience. Besides the art industry, I am also involved in designing, content creation and influencer marketing. I started my journey with some small action videos in Los Angeles. This led me to my first minor acting role in an indie zombie movie called A shotgun in New York. I have also worked for TV and online commercials for renowned clients like Saudi Telecom Company, Renault cars etc. I got into content creation and influencer marketing doing the acting storyboards and shooting for clients. I am also a producer on Codr8 Film, shot in Canada. One of my dreams of being a stuntman for Jackie Chan became a reality with the movie Vanguard, which was shot in Dubai. Besides all of this, I have also done some small roles. I have a great passion for my work. It is my hard work and dedication which has got me to the place where I am today. Since the year 2016, I have been a renowned figure in Dubai. As a content creator, stunt man and overall influencer. I started my journey in the industry quite a long ago. However, it was a few years back that I started getting all the recognition that my hard work deserved. Recently I was hired by Abu Dhabi Culture and Tourism to do a film for the Arts Gallery. It indicated the beautiful and cursed girl back in the 1950s. The film has already received great recognition and love from the audience. This all of you have made me realize the importance of hard work. Sam Akel bio or my work over the years has been mentioned here.
  • Assistant Art Director / Senior Graphic Designer at CityLine International LLC (2001-02)
  • Design & Business Consultant in the Emirates Media, Dubai (2002-04)
  • Mobile Marketing Advisor at AdFalcon, Dubai
  • Managing Partner at Gravity Sports Services LLC (2018-19)
  • Podcast Creator & Host at TALKABOUT since 2021
  • Managing Director/Co-Founder at Visualize Media Group since 2008
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Sam Akel Actor

Honors & Awards

I have been working hard to make my name as a successful actor in the industry. Be it the stunts or the power-packed sequence, I am ready to do it all on my own. It is my incredible work that has helped me get great honors and several awards over the years such as.

  1. My film ‘To You, Me & The Next Generation’ got the Best Inspirational Film Award at the Top Short Films 2020.
  2. ‘To You, Me & The Next Generation’ was my first movie as a producer. I successfully got an award for the same at Vegas Movie Awards 2020 for the Best First Time Producer.
  3. I also received awards in a major category at Redwood Shorts & Scripts 2020 in the category of horror shorts for the film ‘Curse & Temptation. ‘
  4. Further, in 2020, my film ‘A Day in the Life of’ was recognized for incredulity and won the award for Best Short Film at Global Shots.
  5. My film ‘The Narcissist And I’ received great recognition in the year 2021 as the Best Comedy Short Film at the Hollywood Gold Awards
  6. ‘To You, Me & The Next Generation won as the Best Short Film at the global Shots in 2021.

I have worked my entire life to reach the place where I am today. People who have worked with me know about my dedication to my work. This has successfully made me one of the top artists in Dubai. I have made it to the list of the most talented artists you can consider for action films or thrillers. Acting, storytelling, and film are all part of my life. I have infused different elements in my work which is visible through my creativity. I prefer productivity over the other aspects. It has always helped me put out the best output in front of the audience resulting in better success.

Everyone in the industry knows about my passions and enthusiasm for storytelling, content creation, film and acting, and fitness, all wrapped with creativity, productivity and dedication to my work. I have been a successful content creator and influencer marketer. It allowed me to get more in front of the audience. Now that I look for Sam Akel bio online, I feel proud to have done such great work over the years.

I love collaborating with new directors and bringing out the best version of myself. I truly hope to work in Hollywood one day. It is a dream which I aim to fulfill shortly. I will surely put in all of my efforts and work hard to make the most of the opportunities and my talent. I aim to widen Sam Akel bio and make it full of awards and achievements that I ever dreamt of.